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M5 - Styli for Star Configurations
Carbide stem, ruby ball

LH M5 008 11 022

This extended thread styli is designed to be used with threaded disks such as KI M5 040 15 M50 (Search part number KIM50 and look for M50 at the end of the part number).
Ruby ball, peg mounted, except for ball-Ø 0,3 mm – 0,6 mm. Special design on request. Thread length 20 mm for Body-Ø 19 mm.
Silicon nitride and zirconium oxide balls are available for all styli and all thread sizes.

Sphere-Ø mm DK Measure. len. mm ML1/ML Body-Ø mm DG Total length mm L Shaft-Ø mm DS1/DS Weight g Price/piece
0.8 4.8 / 13.3 11.0 22.3 0.6 / 1.0 6.0 47.00