Competition is continually driving companies to become more efficient in delivering higher quality with greater stability. Improvements in quality assurance and coordinate measurement technology are playing a larger and more crucial role in these processes. To keep up with these improvements, CMMs have upgraded to become faster, more precise, and are now integrated in manufacturing during production. As the probing systems have been improving, styli and accessories have been keeping pace and play a key role in the success of any CMM production process.


What is a Stylus?

Stylus: a CMM's "tool." The relationship milling machines have with milling and boring tools is that which coordinate measuring machines have with styli.

Probing: The process of the ball stylus contacting data points on the surface of a workpiece.

As you probe, each contact creates an individual point of measurement on the X,Y and Z axis. You can do this one of two ways: with a touch trigger probe head, or run the ball stylus of a scanning probe head along the surface to gather a large number of points. Connecting these points helps guide your manufacturing process.