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Why itpstyli?

Serving the Industrial Metrology market for over 15 years, itpstyli offers the most comprehensive range of styli and accessories for all probe systems.
Thread sizes M2 through M8 for coordinate measuring machines (CMM), machine tool probes, and gear measurement systems.

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Since our founding in 2003, we price to be 5% lower than the lowest, without compromising quality and service.

Best Quality

Simply stated, if you don’t agree we’ll provide a full refund; but please browse further to learn more about our manufacturing quality, materials, and designs.

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Styli & accessories are our only focus; knowledge, experience, technology and outstanding people make the difference.

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itpstyli CMM Easy Adapter Plate Zeiss

Time Saving Easy Plates

Developed by itp, the new EASY! adapter plate for Vast/MT with active ID chip now has an easy, time saving system for rotating the cube and an engraved 15' scale.

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