Operandi: M5 Cubes and Related Accessories

This operando covers the many variations we have on M5 Cubes and Related Accessories. You can quickly hover, scan and click for more detailed information. Be sure to hover over the images to learn more about all of the variations we have to offer for cubes and their related accessories.

The conventional M5 Cube in titanium or aluminum has three basic variations:

  • Clocking
  • Thread removal and
  • M5 to M2 internal threading.
  • Cube w/ Removable M5 Screw
  • M5/Internal M2 Cube (Titanium)
  • Titanium M5 Cube (Standard)
  • Aluminum M5 Cube (Standard)
  • M5 Countersunk Cube (Titanium)

More substantial cube modifications and accessories include:

  • Double Cubes
  • Angled Cubes
  • 120-degree offsets
  • Cube extensions and through screws
  • M5 Cube With Angle (Titanium)
  • M5, 120º Offset, 4-face Holder
  • M5 Double Cube (Titanium)
  • M5 Cube Extension (Titanium)
  • M5 Through Screws
  • M5 Leitz Cube (Titanium)