Styli Configurations

Fixed-Head Tooling System

Because of the intricacies of the geometry of a workpiece, you must take caution when choosing your styli components according to the workpiece’s inspection criteria and accessibility.

Styli Configuration: The combination of several multi-sized and shaped contact pins connected to various styli components, knuckles, extensions, etc. mounted on an adapter plate. Maximizing the number of measurements a single configuration can conduct reduces cycle time and increases CMM efficiency.

itpstyli will work with you to design and construct the styli configuration you need. Review the types of styli, materials, and accessories to determine what configuration is right for your application. Note: you must make sure your maximum mass is within the limits of your sensor as set by the manufacturer.

To help build your styli configuration, review:

itpstyli not only offers an extensive range of standard styli, but also offers the Design Your Own styli option where you can create a custom stylus that fits your specific application.