CMM Accessories

Sometimes a stylus alone is not enough to reach the feature you need to measure; in these cases, itpstyli offers a complete line of accessories for your needs. Click on a picture below to take you to our online store to see all that we have to offer. And if you don't find what you're looking for, you can always Design Your Own or contact us about other options.

Adapter plates are used when you repeatedly measure certain workpieces with the same probe configuration. The configuration is set up on the adapter plate and can be easily exchanged with other configurations when necessary. This eliminates the need for recalibration each time a styli configuration is used.

Anticrash protection adapters do exactly what they say: they help to protect your probe head and your probe from crashing and breaking. They are available in M4 thread for CNC measuring.

Calibration spheres are used to calibrate your styli. Every itpstyli calibration sphere comes with a certification. Stands are also available. Base and stem are stainless steel with a high quality ceramic sphere.

Cubes are used to create styli configurations. They come in aluminum and titanium, can be one-way thru six-way, and are available in a range of angles.

Available in both rotary and standard, knuckles are used to make vertical contact with a workpiece that is angled or contains angled areas. Precision is key when using knuckles, so you must ensure that it is a stable set up so as to not change the probe position.

These carbide pins are used with star styli.

Rotary adapters allows for a rotation from the thread. Instead of coming straight out from where the styli inserts, it rotates the styli along the x-axis, allowing for more measurements.

Rotary holders are like rotary adapters, except it rotates on the y-axis instead of the x.

Screws are available for spherical discs and cubes as well as adapters. They are made of stainless steel.

Styli for tool datuming are used to determine the flatness and parrallelism of the tip of the stylus to the machine axis.

Stylus wrenches are available in threads M2 to M5. They are made of stainless steel.

Swivel adapters attach to the thread of the stylus and allow measurement of angled surfaces and holes. This makes it so you can measure in many positions without having to change the probe.

Thread measuring gages are used to measure the center of a hole. They are made of stainless steel.

itpstyli's tools include stainless steel hexagonal wrenches for M2 to M5 styli and assembly tools for M3 and M5 star styli in both stainless steel and aluminum.

Washers are used to help fix configurations into place. There are two types: locking disk washers and grooved disk. Both are used for star styli and made of stainless steel.

Extensions are used when the place to measure is hard to reach. They are available in a variety of lengths, diameters, and materials. When choosing an extension, be sure to take the environment into account as temperatures affect working conditions of extensions.

itpstyli not only offers an extensive range of standard styli, but also offers the Design Your Own Styli option where you can create a custom stylus that fits your specific application